ATM/Debit Card

If you are a current checking account customer you may qualify for our Debit Card product.

The Prairie Sun Bank Convenience Card allows you to access your checking account to purchase goods (in person or by phone), pay for services (in person or by phone), and make any transactions you can make with a credit card up to your daily limit, without the inconvenience of writing a check. 

You can also access automatic teller machines for cash. ATM withdrawals at our machines are free of all charges.

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If you use an automated teller machine that is not operated by us, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or by an automated transfer network in addition to a $1.00 fee by us.  Click here to view our locations.

A complete disclosure statement is available at either office, or at account opening. 

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Direct Deposit

We are please to offer you a payday convenience. Now you can have your paycheck automatically deposited in your checking or savings account on payday. And you donít have to change your present relationship to take advantage of this service. Direct Deposit helps you in many ways:

  • It saves you trips to your financial institution
  • It eliminates the possibility of lost, stolen or forged checks
  • Your money is deposited faster Ė reduces the possibility of overdrafts
  • You get your money deposited even if your on vacation or away from home.

On payday you will receive an earnings statement showing gross salary, taxes, other deductions, and net pay. Your money will already have been deposited in your account. The amount of the deposit will appear on you bank statement. 

Simply download and complete the form to give authorization to your employer and your financial institution authority to deposit your pay to your account. Please send or drop off to either bank location and a copy to your employer. 

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